Choosing a Modern Writing Desk

Published on August 04 2010 by GuestPoster in Furniture


Today the duties of a writing desk differ greatly from those of one hundred years ago or more.  A writing desk was a place to sit at and compose letters, or to work on financial matters. It usually had a padded leather writing surface, an inkwell and place for pens at the back of the desk, and it often had a hutch or some sort of storage placed towards the back of the desk. Frequently small drawers ran horizontally across the front of the desk, just below the writing surface.

Some older style desks were designed so that the writing surface could lift up and be attached to the hutch, effectively sealing away anything that the desk was used for. Alternatively, desks had a cover that pulled out and over the writing desk, again hiding whatever was sitting underneath.

While you can still find these type of writing desks today, and they look great in rooms that are just meant for antique style furniture, today’s modern writing desk is quite a bit different. The main reason for the difference is the change in the desk’s function.

Today people use laptop computers, rather than pen and paper. Computers have cables and accessories attached to them. A very practical writing desk, these days, is still smaller than a regular desk and it still has plenty of drawers for storage space but it often has a pull out shelf where a keyboard can sit; you will be able to adjust the height up and down and it frequently has holes drilled into it for cords and cables to pass through.

Aside from those obvious differences, modern computer desks are often very minimalistic in design, with geometric angles and stark white, black or gray colored desk tops.

Your main choice in deciding on the best writing desk should revolve around finding something that is functional, that fits in the space allotted and that looks just right in the room you are adding it to.  Once you find something that fits the bill on all three counts, and is affordable, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice.

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