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Published on December 09 2009 by GuestPoster in Patio & Garden


There are many leaf blower vacuums on the market today, to choose from. However, finding the right one can sometimes become overwhelming. Most consumers, when buying one, are concerned with the amount of noise that a leaf blower vacuum makes. Experts have recommended that an electric one is the most quiet when compared to the gas garden leaf vacuum. However, if the yard is large, and it doesn’t allow for the reach of a 150 ft. electric extension cord, then the gas leaf garden blower is the one to use.

According to a comparison research done by, the following has been recommended as the top five leaf blower vacuums:

1. Toro Ulta Blower Vac 51599 Estimated Price $75 ***Most recommended for an average size yard***
2. Black & Decker NS118 Estimated Price $70
3. Toro Power Sweep 51585 Estimated Price $40
4. Echo PB-251 Estimated Price $170
5. Echo PB-265L Estimated Price $270

leavesThere are many places that carry the one leaf blower vacuum that is needed and at an affordable price. To get an idea of some of the comparison prices, start out with these websites, such as, Amazon, Amazon Market Place,, and eBay. Of course there are a lot more websites that can also be researched. For those who do not use the internet, look for comparison prices at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, or any other store that markets Lawn and Garden needs.

Do all the research that is needed to find the right leaf blower vacuum for a job well done. Don’t make finding a leaf blower vacuum as big of a job as the actual labor that is needed to do the lawn job itself. Try to have some fun when looking for the right one, because the job itself will always be there waiting once the right leaf blower vacuum has been found.

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