Fun Ideas for Childrens Beds

Published on July 07 2010 by Administrator in Bedroom, Furniture


There is no limit to the exciting things that can be done with childrens beds. They can be purchased in styles that will excite almost any child, from fire trucks, to princess beds, to speedboats. These beds make a great finishing touch to a uniquely decorated room and will make bed time fun. Whether you are considering a bed frame in an interesting shape, or would just like to embellish a child’s bed with interesting bedding, there are many wonderful options available.

Finding a child’s bed that will reflect the theme of a room may require a visit to something other than a furniture store. While the largest stores will often have whole departments that are dedicated to children’s furniture, most just offer a few choices in a plain wooden frame. Instead, stop by a local children’s store or boutique. This is the bed place to find beds that are decorated with famous characters or designed to resemble a child’s favorite toy. The exception to this is the “princess” bed. More and more major furniture stores have begun to carry four poster beds in a child size. Before you purchase, make sure that all the accoutrements, like curtains and the poster frame, are included.

Fun bedding is another way to integrate your child’s bed into the room’s decor. New parents are often surprised at the scope of the bedding that is now available, even through discount department stores. Sheets and shams that feature characters from classic or modern literature, movies or cartoons are a low commitment way to incorporate your child’s interests into their room. Comforters that are decorated with patterns that reflect what your son or daughter would like to be when they grow up are also very popular.

Making childrens beds special is one of the most fun parts of decorating your young child’s room.

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