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Published on August 10 2010 by GuestPoster in Patio & Garden


Adding a garden pond to a back garden can add beauty to any property. Many landscapers can add a pond  but this often times comes at a heavy price. An easier and less expensive way to create a fabulous pond to garden is with garden pond kits. These kits have all the supplies necessary to add a pond, and enjoy the beauty and realization that it provides.

There are a few things to keep in mind before adding a pond to your garden. The first thing to consider is that you need to make sure that you make sure that your pond is part of your garden and not just placed into any open space. By selecting the proper location you will ensure that your pond will enhance your garden space, rather than making it look like it was just thrown there. Another thing to consider when placing your garden pond is the elements. If it is too close to trees you may spend all your time cleaning the pond, and if the pond gets too much shade you might not be able to keep fish in the pond. Finally make sure that you keep in mind the size of the pond. If you want to place fish or plants in the pond make sure that there is enough room for all of them to grow happily.

There are many garden pond supplies for people who choose to make their own backyard ponds. Many kits are available that have all the supplies necessary, or different pieces can be purchased separately to mix and match to get the perfect pond. The best way to get started is by ordering a pond kit. This will have a skimmer, pump, waterfall, lining, and other essential items needed to start creating the pond. There are different forms of kits available depending on the size and the budget of the pond. Mini pond kits, which are four feet by six feet, cost around £250 and a 16 foot by 16 foot pond can cost up to £1000.

After the basic pond is set, there are many more garden pond supplies that can be purchased to enhance any pond. A pond fogger can be added, this creates a mist over the pond and shines different colored LED lights through the mist to create a unique display. Fountains can be added and depending on the size of the pond you can add a little bridge over one section. Adding a garden pond can enhance the atmosphere of your property, and with a few accessories it can be perfect to sit around late at night.

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