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Published on March 25 2010 by GuestPoster in Home Decor, Lighting


When it comes to selecting lighting for your home, there are so many choices on the market today.   From Art Déco to Rustic, or Old World to Luxurious, you are sure to find the perfect lighting fixture for any room.   In addition to track lighting, recessed lighting and lamps, there is the every so stylish and popular chandelier.   Beautifully crafted from a multitude of materials and colors, such as white, bronze, brass, black, gold and crystal,  chandeliers can add just the right amount of light to a room or area.  This is achieved by the number of lamps and the brightness of the bulbs used.  Unlike the single recessed light or pendant light, the chandelier makes a statement like no other and gives the versatility that other lighting fixtures may not have.   They were traditionally used for grand entryways or dining rooms only, but not anymore.    Today, there are so many sizes and wonderful styles now from designers that will complement almost any room in a house, from the grand to mini chandeliers as well.

One example of chandelier lighting is the candle light style that has the look of the more traditional ones that used real candles at a time when there was no electricity.    Today, of course, the real candlestick styles are not practical, so bulbs are used that mimic the flame of the candle.   Many will come with interesting shades and be made from things like wrought iron.   More traditional chandeliers might be fashioned from pewter that has an aged look  or rubbed bronze.

Unlike the Old World styling above, the crystal chandelier speaks of luxury and elegance.    Who hasn’t just stood and adored the sparkle of a crystal chandelier in a large entryway or dining room?  Looking more like a tree of diamonds, than a lighting fixture,  it can transform any room into sheer beauty that is breathtaking.    So whether you are looking for that simple décor or something more fabulous, there is certainly a chandelier out there for you, but the hard part will be choosing which one?

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