When planning a wedding or party, adding chair covers to your list of supplies can help tie together the color scheme and decorations in a room. Chair covers are designed to be slipped over folding or dining room chairs, and may come in a solid color or adorned with a pattern or trim. They allow party planners and hosts to give the impression that custom furniture was brought in for an event, without the expense of investing in new seating.

There are a few different chair cover styles, each of which gives chairs a unique appearance. One of the most popular, and least expensive, covers attach to the chair by means of ties on the back. A benefit of these relatively unfitted covers is that they fit a wide variety of chair styles. White is a top choice, often used in weddings and for outdoor garden parties, but they can be purchased or rented in almost any color. These covers may be installed in just a few minutes, and will add little time to your party set-up schedule.

Some of the more fitted styles will maintain the shape of the chair. They may attached with zippers, ties or buttons, and they will often take a bit more time to install. For those who are considering fitted covers, it is important to get a sense of the size and make of the chairs that will be used at the event. If your dining chairs will have arms or high backs, this may affect the selection of covers that is available to you. For those who will be ordering covers for the first time, it is a good idea to speak to a customer service representative to ensure that your selection will be compatible with the furniture you will be using.

Chair covers can turn a normal dinner party into an event to be remembered.

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