Caring For Artificial Grass

Published on December 10 2009 by GuestPoster in Landscaping, Patio & Garden


If you are the caretaker or owner of a new artificial grass installation it is advisable to put together a detailed plan of the measures you are going to take to maintain it. Artificial grass is a major investment, particularly when it has been laid on a sporting arena and you are going to have to do some maintenance on it if you want it to remain clean and pristine.

When you get your artificial lawn installed, make sure you get some kind of list containing recommended tools and pieces of equipment necessary for the upkeep of the grass. This should be available directly from the contractor performing the synthetic grass installation.

It is a good idea, if you are the caretaker of a football ground to be able to lock the general public out when the ground is unattended. When people are using anything that they don’t feel directly responsible the care factor is usually quite low and this can apply to using a synthetic grass surface. The synthetic grass surface won’t automatically suffer because there is a lot of traffic on it, after all that’s exactly why it was installed, but the use should always be supervised.

A regular inspection of the turf arena should be carried out to check on areas that are likely to be wearing through or for lifted joins or tears in the surface. There will be areas that see more traffic than others and special attention should be placed on those first. On soccer pitches this will be in the goal mouth at either end, on hockey grounds you can expect the same thing. Picking up problem areas early will save the damage later down the track.

Just because you have installed synthetic lawn doesn’t mean that there will be no more maintenance tasks, the tasks have simply changed a fraction. Constant vigilance and a willingness to fix the small problems quickly will ensure that your artificial lawn remains looking food for many years.

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