Benefits Of Acrylic Tub Surrounds

Published on April 28 2010 by GuestPoster in Bathroom, DIY


One recommended way to modernize your bathroom is to update the area surrounding your tub. A fast, affordable, and versatile way to do this, is by using do it yourself bath tub surrounds. These are made of either fiberglass or acrylic; this article will look at the benefits of going with the latter option.

What Are Do It Yourself Acrylic Bath Tub Surrounds?
Acrylic bath tub surrounds consist of a series of panels, meant to be installed on top of the tile surrounding your tub. This will cover the damaged and drab tile, and it is faster and cheaper than replacing it.

Affordable Solution
Acrylic bath tub surrounds is the most affordable solution if you wish to upgrade the area around the bath tub. This is the main benefit and the source of their popularity. For a basic model, you can expect to save a $100 compared to choosing the fiberglass option. If you compare the savings to solutions involving the help of professionals, such as replacing the tile, the savings will be more than a $1000. No exactly insignificant amounts.

Additional Benefits
Another important benefit of utilizing acrylic is the fact that tub surrounds made of this material are the easiest to install. It can be done in a day and doesn’t require excessive handyman skills. The variety in colors and styles is also expansive and you will be able to add in additional features, such as a built in soap dish or towel rack.

The Downsides?
The downsides of using acrylic compared to using fiberglass mainly concern durability. Fiberglass is a more sturdy material and if you have a large family, resulting in frequent use of the bath tub, you might want to consider the sturdy fiberglass solution. Some also prefer the basic feeling of fiberglass, claiming that acrylic has a plastic feel.

If you value an affordable solution that is easy to install and come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs, however, you should seriously consider to choose a tub surround made of acrylic.

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