Benefits of a Corner Vanities

Published on August 10 2010 by GuestPoster in Bathroom, Furniture


Renovating the half bath can be a challenge due to the limited space. Most owners want to preserve every inch of open floor space that they can to help the bath look bigger than it really is. Using a corner vanity is a smart way to accomplish the goal. Half baths need storage just like a full size baths. Somewhere to put extra soap, toilet tissues and hand towels. A pedestal sink looks great but they have no storage. So the owner gets a good look but no functionality. A corner vanity can provide the storage space, hide the plumbing pipes and add value to the half bath. A corner vanity unitthat is made like a piece of furniture with a granite top can make the room look custom and elegant.

Most half bathrooms are small but some can be oddly configured. Many times the corner shaped vanity will work much better than a regular one. There are so many shapes, sizes and colors of these vanities that there is something that will go with every style of home. If the owner likes a modern design they should check out the wall hung vanity styles. There are some ultra modern styles that look create in a bright white ceramic. Paired with shiny stainless faucets and you have a look worthy of any New York loft. The hanging shelf vanities go with the modern vibe as well. The shelf offers a little more space for soaps, lotions and other toiletries. Add a vessel sink and it creates a fabulous corner vanity.

When shopping for a vanity the consumer needs to know exactly what they are buying. Ask a representative, do not just read the box. They can also be very helpful in making sure that if you are going to install it yourself that you have all the tools and parts that you need. Most vanities are sold separately and you have to purchase the sink and faucets individually. Local home improvements stores generally have a large selection in varies price ranges and styles. You do not have to pay for shipping and if you need it they can usually recommend someone to put it in for you. An online search quickly proves that they have the best variety. Shipping cost is the major problem with this method. However many online vendors will offer free shipping. Wherever you shop be sure to ask lots of questions and have a clear understanding of what you are purchasing.

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