Beautiful Dinner Plates

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Unless we are just beginning to set up a home, we never really think about our dinner plates unless they need to be washed or they need to be found so we can set the table.  But before they arrived in our homes, they had to be designed, manufactured and arranged in the store so as to catch our eye.

While most dinner plates are round, sometimes you will find square ones or even hexagonal ones.  Sometimes they come in primary colors, sometimes in pastels.  Often they have a thin rim of color, in perhaps silver or gold, around the edge.

The decorations on dinner plates are seemingly infinite in variety.  Flowers are very popular.  They can be sprinkled across the plate, arranged in patterns, or grafeful sprays of flowers. The easiest flowers to find are the ever-lovely rose in all its glorious variety of colors; tulips, blazing brightly, cherry blossoms, daffodils and sunflowers. Weeping willows, maples, oaks, cherry trees and elms also add the tree dimension to plate decorations. Grape vines and ivy can be found twining around plate edges.  Leaves in fall colors can look lovely; fruits such as oranges and cherries add bright colors and sheaves of wheat form interesting borders.

All kinds of animals can be found gracing dinner plates.  Pandas, kittens and puppies are representative of the mammals often used in the designs.  The world of water gives us fish, coral reefs and dolphins.  From the skies, we have rainbows, butterflies and many birds. You can also find commemorative plates abound.  The C&O Railroad has plates of Chessie and Peke, its two mascot kittens as well as plates of famous steam and diesel engines.  Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon have their plates.  Disney studios has plates of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella, and many others of its favorite characters.  Many cities have commemorative plates of their historical buildings and gardens.  Famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls all show up on dinner plates somewhere.  Even sports teams and have their own versions.

Sometimes the designs are just abstract rather than image based. Concentric circles, patterns of triangles in different sizes and other geometric patterns create an interesting look.  White dinner plates are certainly the norm but as you can see, there are many other options available to you if you fancy a change.

For a complete guide to dinner plates please visit The Judge Foody.

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