Baby Bedding-Custom or Ready Made?

Published on February 23 2010 by GuestPoster in Bedroom


There are so many thoughts in future parents minds once they learn that a baby will soon join the family. One of many mom-to-be’s top projects is creating a perfect nursery for their new baby. Since newborn babies spend so much time sleeping, the baby bed and bedding that goes on the bed are both very important. You want to choose fabrics that will be soft and comfortable against that precious little baby’s skin.

You can either choose to have custom bedding made or purchase ready made baby bedding. While custom bedding is wonderful, ready made sets will generally be less expensive. No matter which option you decide on, you should make your choice of bedding before painting the nursery. Basing the color choice of the nursery walls on a matching or coordinating color in the bedding fabric assures a good match between all elements of the decor. While you may have a color idea in mind for the nursery, nothing is worse than painting the walls and then finding a perfect lavender and green baby bedding set that clashes with your freshly painted peach colored walls.

Be aware that with so many different choices in ready made bedding you don’t want to wait to long to begin your search. If you wait to long you may feel pressured to make a decision and end up making a purchase that you aren’t really happy with.

While most parents are able to find suitable baby crib bedding sets that are ready made, if you aren’t finding what you want, it may be time to look at custom options. Keep in mind that because it is custom made the time from placing your order to receiving the finished product will usually be a minimum of one month. Even though you may have to wait a while for you custom created baby bedding, you will have a set that is truly unique. With a custom option, you can select exactly which color fabrics and trims are used.

No matter whether you choose a ready made bedding set for the nursery or opt to have a custom set created, purchase your selections early enough in the pregnancy to allow you enough time to complete the nursery.

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