While the main purpose of an ATV salt spreader is to evenly distribute ice melt, rock salt or sand during winter time, it may have some more uses around the home. For those who enjoy gardening, these may be used for spreading fertilizer and weed killer with much more efficiency than if done by hand.

Anyone that has ever pushed a standard wheeled spreader around their yard for grass seed will instantly see the benefit behind owning an ATV salt spreader. This will allow the even spreading of grass seed, lawn feed and weed killer at an amazing rate. An ATV spreader can cut yard and lawn maintenance time in half over the course of a season.

With these multiple uses comes the need to choose one that fits the area being serviced. There are many styles and models available and all may be found by going online. A brief search will reveal all of the manufacturers and suppliers of these along with complete specifications as to how much product they hold and can move.

There are two styles available for ATV salt spreaders. The first type is a manual spreader that is operated simply by moving a lever to dispense the product. The second type is an electrically operated one and while it costs a bit more than the manual, may be much easier for some to use.

By coupling a spreader along with an ATV snow plow, any area around the home may be handled with ease during the winter time. This not only eliminates walking around in the cold, it can cut down on the actual time spent outdoors completely. By utilizing the plow in front and the spreader in back in conjunction with each other, the entire job will take half the normal time to complete.

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