Around the world millions are lifted out of poverty yearly by globalization. Many in this newly emerging middle class looks to the citizens and consumers of the United States for guidance in how to live a middle class lifestyle.

One item that has grown in popularity around the world of late is the American style fridge freezer. To Americans, this is simply called a Side by side refrigerator. These units, as any American could tell you, consist of a Fridge and Freezer combined together in the same appliance. Usually, but not always, the fridge will be found on the right hand size, and the freezer on the left.

For large portions of the world population, refrigerators and freezers are usually separate units. Homeowners who are prosperous enough to afford one or both of these are generally considered fairly well enough. However, as people become more prosperous, and desire a more luxurious prestigious lifestyle, they will often upgrade to an American Fridge Freezer.

When buying one of these refrigerators there are many finishes available. There is the original white, a basic but showy black, and stainless steel. For many homeowners aiming to have a designer kitchen, the modern style and sophistication of a stainless steel fridge freezer is their number one preference.

These units are very large, due to the space requirements in combining fridge and freezer together. This means that they are, to an extent, somewhat exclusive. If you live in an emerging economy and possess an American Style Fridge Freezer it says more than just that you own a nice fridge. It is a reflection of your home. A small home simply will not have room for such a device. If you have been able to afford one of these fridges, it implies that you have also been able to afford a home suitable to house one. Thus in some parts of the world they are truly status symbols.

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