A Great Way to Empty Those Drawers Full Of Books…

A folding stackable bookcase makes storage easy and more organized for your collection of books.

The folding bookcase also makes for easy storing when the bookcases are not in use, as well. The fact that the bookcases are stackable provides even more room for your encyclopedias and other books. These shelves can be easily folded and unfolded for moving or reorganizing.

A Bookcase That Needs No Assembly?

These bookcases also do not require any assembly; the sides come out and the shelves fold down and lock into place. If you require more book space,  simply stack another shelf on top of the first. The shelves are attached to one to another with small pegs that fit snuggly into a small hole for easy placement and removal. When stacking the shelves you won’t even need a hammer; hammering may cause the small pegs to crack or break off entirely.

Most stackable shelves come with metal reinforcement plates that are placed on the back of the shelves for added security.

A Bookcase With A Thousand Uses and Benefits

Stackable bookcases are also an inexpensive way to organize just about any room. They are perfectly suited for kid’s rooms; a great place to store all those games and stuffed animals. If you’re needing a good place to show off your media, many stackable storage shelves holds over 200 CD’s or DVD’s, and come in multiple colors to match the decor of a room.

A Personal Review

I bought one at an affordable price and it’s paid for itself in the time I saved cleaning up the house.

The shelf that I personally prefer is the cherry hardwood veneer. This unit is my personal favorite because I love the cherry wood; which also looks great in my bedroom. Normally theses bookcases run from $79.00-$109.00, and can be purchased at Target and other home décor places. Some Wal-Mart locations also carry these Stackable Folding Bookcases.

I also like the fact that they are not made of particle board; particle board is not durable, and unattractive in my opinion.

Some of these bookcases come with a manufactures warranty which protects against some construction defects for a limited time after the purchase but I’ve had no problems in two years. In respect to color options, I have found these shelves to come in cherry finish, dark wood, oak and black.

They can be placed sided-by-side and look quite nice; as well as stacked on top of one another to save space. They are also great for other media such as video games and VHS cassettes, which is what my daughter uses hers for.

If you’re out to make space easy in your home, a stackable bookcase is an affordable, easy option.

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